Heather Wylde

Natural sales conversations that deeply connect

Avoid pushy, manipulative tactics and 70% more ideal leads.
Ethically enroll high-ticket clients through a simple, step-by-step system that feels as good as the sales feel aligned. 

The Simple Path to Consistent High-Ticket Sales

Are you tired of hearing more NOs despite all your marketing efforts?

Burnt out from living in the DMs, investing in program after program, yet still not seeing the sales results you deserve?

It’s not your messaging or your marketing approach that’s the problem.
You’re already getting warm leads.

You just don’t know how to consistently convert them into clients.

Until you master the art of ethical, heart-centered selling, all those marketing tactics and investments will never pay off like they should.

Chasing every new shiny strategy while ignoring your sales weakness is just creating overwhelm rather than revenue.

It’s time to stop spinning your wheels and finally unlock consistent, high-ticket sales from the leads you already have!

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Premium Sales Amplifier

#3X Your Sales Conversion With a Fully Customized Success Blueprint

Investment is $5k for 3 months of intensive mentorship
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Clients have increased their sales by 600% and added thousands in monthly revenue by mastering these ethical strategies. 

No cookie-cutter approaches – just ethical, heart-centered strategies carefully tailored to your voice, values and goals.

Eemerge feeling confident, in-demand and empowered to sell from authenticity.

Premium Sales Intensive

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Learn how to sell to the engaged prospects you already have, and you’ll never stress about inconsistent income again.

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You’ve got the marketing piece dialed in.

You’ve got the quality leads. Now master the final piece of the profitability puzzle with ethical sales strategies that align with your values.

What Our Clients are Saying

Sarah Bilotta

Redid my LI and I feel confident more than ever! Been engaging. Making new connections and nurturing those. Crazy amazing stuff! Loving it. I'm feeling so much better and have been pretty happy with everything. Your woo woo is toally WHOA! I am so thankful for you Heather!

Vanessa Neomi

I have NEVER seen anyone answering personal business questions the way you did in a FREE training!!! This, has made me want to show up for myself too!! I was just about to give up on this whole social media stuff. Thank you!

Kelly Marshall

I love how you take big concepts and break them down into organized and simple steps AND you give worksheets to support us!! You are so authentic and sincere in your coaching - and what you coach is so needed! I truly appreciate you! Thank you!

Radiance Thompson

She convinced me to level up my business by being authentically me, Increase my prices and show the efff up! Result was a 5- figure launch in my dream niche! You can't go wrong working with Heather she takes care of you with her heart!

Shauna Smith

The branding helps too but I was able to sign up more than my original 3-5 in my program in just two weeks. it may be 8 we will see the final numbers are in today. I privately invited 15 people. I have learned a lot about sales just watching you and giving with your energy. Thank you for sharing with us this knowledge.


Before I started working with Heather, I was closing sales at about 20%-which meant that I was talking with lead after lead but not making enough sales to truly be profitable. After 12 weeks of working one-on-one with Heather, I was selling confidently and in a way that aligned with my values and my close rate jumped to 60%.

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